Composers Andrew Rudin and Robert Moran on Classical Discoveries

I conduct most live interviews when I have extra air time in the summer, but could not miss this opportunities to have two local composers popping to WPRB studio for very informal relaxing chats.

Andrew Rudin from Allentown, New Jersey will be my guest this Wednesday,  May 4 and Robert Moran from Philadelphia on May 11.

Listeners of Classical Discoveries know both of them from prior visits. Robert  Moran is an old veteran and was a guest for the first time long before my website began. Gosh, it feels like centuries ago.

Left picture: from left Marvin Rosen and Andrew Rudin in Princeton, August, 2010

Right Picture: Marvin Rosen and Robert Moran in Philadelphia, May, 2009

Andrew Rudin has two new releases of his music available, one on Innova and one on Centaur.  We will talk about these, his association with orchestra 2001 and more.

Robert Moran has just come back from Scotland where he witnessed the world premiere of his ballet Alice.  I just wish that this ballet would come to the States. I did see some great clips on Vimeo.  In recent years he has had releases of his music on the Innova label.  We will be talking about these recordings as well as the upcoming premiere of the 9/11 Oratorio for children’s choir and of course, predicaments of the Philadelphia Orchestra and Robert’s personal feelings about his cities orchestra.

For more details about both of these guests, please check my website Classical Discoveries  the day before the broadcasts.

Both guests are delightful and are fun to work with.

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11 Responses to Composers Andrew Rudin and Robert Moran on Classical Discoveries

  1. Hey Marvin, please put captions under the photos of people. Don’t assume your readers know who they are.

    Cannot wait to hear Moran. Ask him about Meister Eckhart. He will probably go ballistic. I challenged something he said in an interview with Phil Blackburn a few years ago. I don’t completely remember.Maybe he said Eckhart was a heretic condemned by the Church, which did happen.. But Eckhart had centuries ago been re-affirmed by the Church as one of the greatest of the medieval mystics. It is Eckhart’s ‘Grund” theology which is the basis of my own spirituality. And, as you know, I am Jewish, not Catholic.

    So, just see if he remembers.

  2. marvinrosen says:

    Good point Richard about the pictures.

  3. See? Jennifer is a pro, not an ioster like me.

  4. Jennifer- One of these days, Marvin will take a look at a post at MusicSprings and see that captions belong under his graphics, just like in the NYT, WSJ, Time, Newsweek, etc.

    Right Cat??

  5. Hey Catman- That’s why we love you and stick with you.

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